How does a signature loan work?

Granite Loan Centers offers signature loans, which means we don't require any check or other collateral to get you approved today. A signature loan offers you money based on your current income. This way you can keep your car, paycheck and GET THE MONEY!


How much does a loan cost?

The interest on your loan accrues daily, so you only pay interest for the amount of time you need it. If you only need to borrower money for two days, you only pay for two days worth of interest. That's it! There are no penalties for paying early. If you pay a loan back the same day, there is absolutely NO INTEREST charged! That's almost like free money. Again, the total amount of interest you pay on your loan is up to you!


How can I make my payments?

Payments can be made in our store, over the phone or by mailing your payment to:

          Granite Loan Centers

          PO Box 116

          Midvale, UT 84047



Are there any fees to open a loan?

Granite Loan Centers never charges an application fee on our signature loans. In fact, go ahead and apply for free using our online application here on the website in the upper left hand corner and get a head start! One of our loan officers will contact you soon after you apply.


How quick can I pay off my loan?

There are no penalties for paying early so you can pay your loan off as quickly as you'd like at no additional cost!


What are your rates?

Rates vary from state to state but here at Granite Loan Centers we guarantee to beat the rate of any payday loan offers in the area. If you find a payday loan with lower rates, just bring in your current contract and we'll beat it!

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